If you've got more yogurt than you know what to do with, we've got your back. Today we're dishing out a dozen delicious recipes using yogurt, plus some genius storage hacks that will help you cut the waste!

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Greek yogurt, flavored yogurt, plain yogurt…we love it all! Yogurt is like the Swiss army knife of kitchen staples because there are SO many dang ways to use it. You can serve it as a snack, a breakfast, or a garnish for your favorite casserole.

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The one thing that's a little annoying about yogurt, though? It seems to have about a two-minute shelf life in the fridge! Kidding. But really, yogurt is one of the most common things people toss, so today, we're sharing our best tips! Keep on reading for recipes using yogurt, plus freezer, storage, and leftover tips galore. Here we go!


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You guys ask us this question all the time over on Facebook or Instagram! Can I freeze (insert name of food)? Well, ask, and ye shall receive. Let's talk about freezing yogurt. The short answer is, yes, you can freeze it. Here's how:

  • Unopened Sealed Container – The best way to freeze yogurt is in the unsealed container you bought it in. It will last about two months that way, and it doesn't get any easier than that. Follow our shelf cooking grocery shopping golden rule! If you see yogurt on sale, buy one for now and two for later.
  • Ice Tray Method – Have part of an open container you need to freeze? This is just plain fun! Spoon your yogurt into an ice tray (or a muffin tin), add in fruit if you'd like, and pop that tray into the freezer for an hour or two, and then scoop out your yogurt discs and drop them in an airtight bag. This method is perfect for smoothies or baking!
  • Popsicles – If you have flavored yogurt, turn it into a popsicle! Just grab your popsicle molds, fill them, then freeze.

Boom! Now you've got three freezer methods for that yogurt haul. What about the fridge, though? Don't worry; we've got you!


What if you have half a container of yogurt leftover after baking, but you don't want to freeze it? Storage is key! Here are three hacks that will help your yogurt stay fresh for longer:

  • Flip the Container Upside Down – This sounds weird, but it gives your container a tighter seal. We use this hack for sour cream, too!
  • Keep it in the Back – The back of the refrigerator is the coldest, so store your yogurt there to extend its shelf life.
  • Use Glass Jars – If you buy your yogurt in a large container (which is way cheaper), portion it out into small glass jars. Leftover baby food jars are perfect for this! Your yogurt will last longer this way, and it will be way easier to grab a snack and run. Meal prep for the win!

Once you open it, plan to use your yogurt within 7-10 days. After that, it starts to get a little icky!


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Alright, now let's talk about how to use that yogurt you've got stocked in the fridge! Here are four recipes using yogurt that are perfect for your first meal of the day:

  • Blender Pancakes – If you're looking for a filling breakfast idea that's ready in under five minutes, try this! Drop one egg, one cup of oatmeal, and one cup of yogurt in a blender to make a quick pancake batter. Cook on a skillet, serve, and enjoy! Any yogurt works, but flavored yogurt is extra yummy.
  • Overnight Oats – Use your yogurt to add protein to your favorite batch of overnight oats!
  • Smoothies – We love adding a few spoonfuls of yogurt to our breakfast smoothies! Want to try something special? Check out these smoothie bowl recipes.
  • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait – Here's an easy way to round up all the leftovers and turn them into something pretty! Slice up your fresh fruit, reach for the granola, and layer it all with your yogurt for a nice morning treat.

Now, what about lunch or dinner? We've got a few ideas that just might blow your mind!


How can you incorporate yogurt into your favorite lunch or dinner recipes? Well, there are tons of ways to do it, but here are a few of our faves:

  • Crockpot Potato Soup – This creamy potato soup is a dream! While the recipe calls for sour cream, you can easily swap in plain Greek yogurt.
  • Chicken Salad – Pull some shredded chicken from the freezer or chop up a little leftover rotisserie chicken. Add about a cup of plain yogurt, and toss in some diced celery, onion, and a hard-boiled egg or two. Season with a little salt and pepper, then serve on bread or crackers and enjoy!
  • Pasta Salad – That Skinny Chick has a yummy, easy pasta salad recipe that features yogurt! Add some protein and make it a meal.
  • Easy Pasta Bake – This easy, cheesy, super hearty pasta bake features Greek yogurt, and we dream about it all the time!

You can't have dinner without dessert (that's a crime around here), so keep on reading for a few sweet recipes using yogurt so you can round out your meal.


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Wondering how to incorporate yogurt into your favorite baked goods? Again, the possibilities are endless! Here are some of our favorite dessert recipes using yogurt:

  • Lemon Blueberry Bread – Do yourself a favor and try this lemon blueberry bread ASAP!
  • Yogurt Coffee Cake – We're drooling over this coffee cake recipe from Belle of the Kitchen!
  • Apple Crisp Parfait – Give our slow cooker apple crisp recipe a try and pair it with some plain or vanilla yogurt.
  • Yogurt Dipped Pretzel Rods – Dip some pretzel rods in that yogurt and pop them in the freezer to harden. Drizzle with chocolate, caramel, crushed candy, sprinkles, and any other fun toppings you have! YUM!

Now that you've got a dozen delicious ways to use up your yogurt, there's just one question left to answer. What can you do with yogurt that's expired? We'll tell you!


Before you panic and toss that expired yogurt from the back of the fridge, try one of these uses:

  • Marinate Your Meat The enzymes in yogurt make the perfect tenderizers, so toss that flank steak in a bowl and cover it in yogurt!
  • Clean Your Burnt Pans – You know that pan you burnt the rice in that one time? The one that just won't come clean? Yogurt is here to save the day! Spread it on with a cloth and rub, rub, rub. Watch those burnt bits disappear.
  • Add to Baked Goods – Slightly expired yogurt is fine to add to baked goods, so go ahead and make that lemon blueberry bread.

In general, as long as it doesn't smell or look moldy, yogurt is safe to eat a week or two past its expiration date. Use your best judgment! When in doubt, toss it out.


Now you're a yogurt pro! We hope these tips, tricks, and recipes help you keep your yogurt from going to waste.

Tell us, what's your favorite way to use yogurt? Leave a comment below!

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