We've been cookin' up something extra special just for YOU—the Shelf Cooking Meal Plan is moving to the Prepear app! We want to help you make dinnertime a breeze, take out the last minute scramble, and confidently serve up delicious meals, all while saving some dough.

Jordan Page, Shelf Cooking Meal Plan, Available Now

As you might already know, we launched the Shelf Cooking Meal Plan subscription in 2021 to provide you with WEEKLY meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and prep plans! Tens of thousands of you have been able to let us take away your dinnertime overwhelm and enjoy this meal plan that we put so much love and care into! And now for even better news – the Shelf Cooking Meal Plan Subscription is getting a serious upgrade by launching on the beautiful Prepear App!

We'll back up a bit, and go over what exactly you can expect from the Meal Plan Subscription, why the Prepear App is going to change the game, and how you can try it FOR FREE for 14 days! Keep reading!


Planning meals that don’t cost a fortune, that your family will love, AND that don’t leave you with wasted or leftover ingredients is pretty much our super power. You’re going to save SO much time, cut out unnecessary grocery expenses, and most importantly, start ENJOYING meal time with your family. Jordan and the Shelf Cooking team put together this short video to show you everything you need to know – you're going to LOVE it!

This is a meal plan unlike any other meal plan out there. You ready for this?

Every Saturday, you’ll receive an email with the upcoming plan. You will be able to see two week's at a time (the current week, and upcoming week). Here's what it will include:

  • Delicious recipes for 5 dinners, 5 sides, & 2 desserts
  • Grocery list with ingredients labeled by recipe, so you only buy what you need.
  • The Prepear grocery list easily integrates with Walmart+ or Instacart to easily order items through your grocery delivery service, if you use one!
  • Prep plan with daily meal prep checklists, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you WANT to do.
  • Our tips & tricks for simplified prep & cooking on each recipe. 

It’s time to let us plan out your delicious homemade meals – oh and did we mention they are strategically planned to fit with the season and any holidays?! Yep, we’ve thought of everything.


  1. Download the Prepear App and create a free account (or log in to Prepear if you already have an account!) 
  2. Click HERE to find the Shelf Cooking Meal Plan, once you are already logged in to your Prepear account. The meal plan subscription price will stay the same at $9.99 per month, unless you choose an annual payment which reduces the price to $8.33 per month. (You will be able to select the monthly or annual option in Step 3 of checkout.)
  3. Your weekly meal plan will arrive straight to any device through the Prepear App. You will receive a notification and email each Saturday, and you will always be able to see two week's at a time – the current week and upcoming week. It’s convenient, accessible, customizable, and beautiful! 
  4. Your week’s menu, recipes, and grocery list are all provided for you! You have the ability to customize and swap out recipes if you wish, and even sync the grocery list with your mobile grocery delivery service app!

Alright, you're curious, aren't you? What are you waiting for?

We’re taking over your mealtime decision dilemma. You’re welcome! We’re giving you 14 days of our meal plan subscription totally free, because we can’t wait to show you how amazing it is! Start your 14-Day Free Trial HERE!

Once you see how much time, food & money this will save, you’ll never go back! If you love your free trial (which we think you will 😉 ) regular pricing is just $9.99 per month! You will get a reminder 3 days before your trial ends. Cancel anytime, no commitment.


HOW MANY PEOPLE DOES EACH RECIPE SERVE? Our recipes typically serve about 4-6 people, but quantities can easily be adjusted within the easy customizing features of the Prepear app!

WHAT IF I NEED SOME HELP WITH MY PREPEAR ACCOUNT OR APP SET UP? You can utilize the great help desk that Prepear has to offer, to assist you with any troubleshooting with the app! You can contact them here!

DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT? Short answer, no! We believe that you can make things work with what you have, but many of our meals recommend the use of a slow-cooker and other common kitchen tools.

HOW MUCH WILL MY GROCERIES COST EACH WEEK? Great question with an easy answer: you choose your budget! We designed our plan to accommodate EVERY budget – that is the beauty of shelf cooking! Our recipes are tailored to rely on the basic pantry essentials. If you're already stocked up on the essentials, you might even be able to get by without a grocery trip one week! It's definitely possible to get by with what you have, but our recipes are supplemented with a few fresh ingredients each week – providing meals that are  both wholesome & frugal for your family.

DO YOU PROVIDE GLUTEN-FREE OR VEGAN MEAL PLANS? While we do not have separate meal plans for those with specific dietary needs, our plan is designed to be adaptable. In fact, we would love to see how you use shelf cooking to adapt recipes to your needs!

DO YOU OFFER SUGGESTIONS/ALTERNATIVES FOR DIETARY RESTRICTIONS? Each of our recipes includes substitution options where we see it to be fitting & practical. While we are unable to provide separate plans for every preference, we do our best to provide substitutions that will help you adjust to your family's needs.

WHAT ABOUT PICKY EATERS? WILL MY KIDS LIKE IT? We hear you loud and clear, sister! We have picky kids too and want them to eat! Keeping our meal plan family friendly is extremely important to us as we design each week’s meal plan. Our meals offer a variety of delicious family dinners that have been tried and tested in our own homes. 

HOW MUCH CLEAN UP WILL THERE BE? The last thing we want to do at the end of the day is make another mess to clean up, right?? We thought about this when creating this meal plan! All of the prep work is laid out for you in your weekly “Prep Guide” which helps you prepare for future meals ahead of time, cutting down on dirty dishes & clean-up each day! And if you have kiddos, don't carry the burden of clean-up alone! We encourage you to consider mealtime a family activity. Not only will you grow closer as. a family, but your kids will be learning lifetime skills as well!

HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT THAN OTHER MEAL PLANS? We aren't just giving you a bunch of recipes and saying good luck–that's what Pinterest is for! We know that what you're really needing is structure. Let US do the brain work of organizing meals to use up your ingredients and reduce waste, mapping out grocery lists, figuring out how to prep ahead, and collecting delicious recipes your whole family will love (with options for substitutions, so you have the option to use what you have before spending money on what you don't need). All of this at your fingertips on a beautiful and easy-to-customize app!

DO YOU PROVIDE NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION? We do not provide nutritional information with our recipes, but we can assure you that we would never include a meal that we wouldn’t put on the table for our own families as well!

OUTSIDE OF USA. CAN WE GET THESE INGREDIENTS? We cannot ensure the accessibility of ingredients, but we do our best to provide recipes that mainly consist of ingredients we consider to be staples for every home pantry.


We've got so many tips to help you meal plan for your family and we teach you so much right here for free! Check out all our tips and you'll see… we know our stuff!

We got you! Don't wait! Sign up today and start Shelf Cookin' right along with us!