These leftover pot roast recipes will make the whole family sing for joy and beg for seconds! Whether you're craving soup, sandwiches, or a comforting casserole, we've got just what you need to use up those leftovers in the most delicious way without wasting a single bite!

French dip sandwich on a cutting board from Shelf Cooking.

So, you've just made our ah-ma-zing slow cooker pot roast recipe and you've got a Tupperware dish full of leftovers you're just not sure what to do with! Well, no worries, friend. We've got over fifteen delicious leftover pot roast recipes to help you make the most of your leftovers and get every single penny out of that roast!

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Sure, you can simply reheat your pot roast and eat it as is for a yummy meal… or you can transform that baby into something brand new and irresistible! From street tacos to French dip sandwiches, and everything in between, there's a recipe on this list for everyone. Trust us, even the leftover haters won't know what hit them. 😉


Tater tot casserole in a baking dish from Shelf Cooking.

Looking for an easy casserole? We've got you. Hooray for fewer dishes to clean!

These leftover pot roast casseroles will seriously hit the spot and make some delicious comfort food.


Craving a hot soup or a nice, warm sandwich? These soups and sandwiches made with leftover pot roast will not disappoint!

  • Pot Roast Grilled Cheese – This is a totally grown-up version of a kid classic! Use whatever cheese you have on hand!
  • Pot Roast Sandwich – Toss that leftover pot roast on a toasted bun and layer it with cheese, peppers, pickles, or cole slaw for a tastebud explosion! Make these oven-roasted carrots as the perfect nutritious side, too.
  • Patty Melt – Instead of a ground beef patty, toss on some leftover pot roast. Mmm hmmmm. You can even include leftover veggies from your roast for even more flavor.
  • French Dip Sandwiches – This one is just calling leftover pot roast's name! Grab some French bread or some leftover rolls and stuff with your leftover meat. Dip it in a delicious au jus or some of the leftover juices from your roast. Don't forget to serve up some easy asparagus to go with it!
  • Beef and Wild Rice Soup – This yummy beef and wild rice soup recipe from Taste of Home calls for ground beef, but that can easily be swapped for leftover pot roast with delicious results!
  • Beef and Vegetable Stew – Simply grab your favorite beefy stew recipe, but ditch the stew meat and toss in leftover pot roast instead. Use the leftover veggies from your roast, too!

Is your mouth watering yet? Yes, please.


Quesadillas on a plate with lime slices and lettuce from Shelf Cooking.

These leftover pot roast ideas are easy as pie and do not disappoint on taste. From fiesta flavors to beef and noodles, these recipes will satisfy everyone in the fam!

Delicious, right?! Stop thinking leftovers have to be eaten in the same ol' boring way and transform them into a bonafide second meal with one of these leftover pot roast recipes. Also, check out our post all about why we think leftovers are the key to successful shelf cooking!

What's your favorite way to reuse your leftover pot roast? Share it with us in the comments below!

French dip sandwich on a board, from Shelf Cooking

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Have a great roast of your day! 😉