Take it easy tonight and make one of these incredible one-pot dinner ideas! Easy and cheap, these meals make for super easy clean up, too. We call that a shelf cooking win! *Air five!

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We are all about making our time spent in the kitchen both easy and delicious! Whether it's make-ahead freezer meals or sheet pan dinners, we're all about that easy clean up time. If you're not wanting to use the hot oven, then try these delicious one-pot dinner ideas instead! Your family will love how delicious they are and you'll love how easily they clean up. Winning!

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From egg roll in a bowl to a complete meatloaf dinner, these one-pot dinners will satisfy all. Especially the one on kitchen clean up duty. 😉 Between the skillet, Instant Pot, and slow cooker, you have everything you need to whip up some of your favorite dinners. We're talking quicker, easier, and with less mess in only one pot! Let's do it!


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The Instant Pot is perfect for one-pot dinners! Toss in everything you need and let it g. Not only will you have fewer dishes to clean, but your meal will be ready in a fraction of the time!

It's hard to find a reason NOT to cook one of these delicious one-pot Instant Pot dinners tonight, isn't it?


These one-pot dinner ideas all include one of our favorite pantry staples… pasta! Cheap and filling, pasta is loved by kids and grown-ups alike.

You seriously can't go wrong with any of these one-pot pasta dishes. Plus, they freeze well and reheat like a dream!


All you need for these one-pot dinner ideas is an oven-safe skillet! We love a good cast iron skillet. With proper care, it will last for-everrr and it's perfect for one-pot dinners since it can slide right into the oven at any temp!

Is fitting an entire dinner into a single skillet intensely satisfying to anyone else?? Oh, just us… Ah well. Trust us, you'll be hooked when you see how easy it is to clean up afterward!


Ahhh, another classic pantry staple. Rice! These one-pot dinners are perfect for tight budgets and picky taste buds

Did someone say dinner time?? We're on our way!


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Much like the Instant Pot dinners, these crockpot recipes are dump-and-go! Toss in what you need in the morning and you'll have a complete meal waiting for you by dinner with only one pot to clean. Could it get any better? Nah…

And there you have it! No matter your preferred mode of cooking, you now have an arsenal of one-pot dinner ideas for those nights when you just don't want to have to clean up. Oh, who are we kidding… that's every night for us!

Do you have a go-to one pot dinner idea? Share it with us below!

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Now, grab your pot and let's make dinner!