Grab that tent and sleeping bag and get ready to hit the road. These make-ahead camping meals will take the stress out of your summer camping trip and have you singing Kumbaya around the campfire in no time!

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If you've ever been camping you know it can be just as much work as it is fun. The most stressful part? Camping food prep. No worries, these make-ahead camping meals are here to save the day and make your life easier, one foil packet at a time!

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These easy camping food prep ideas will have you spending less time cooking in the great outdoors and more time enjoying it. Whether you're on a Boy or Girl Scout trip with your kids or a fun family getaway, with a bit of work ahead of time, you'll be living it up under the sun. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Make-Ahead Camping Meals for Breakfast

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Nothing is worse than waking up after a rough night in a sleeping bag only to realize you have to whip up a yummy breakfast without a proper kitchen or running water. Yikes! Don't worry, mama. These make-ahead camping meals for breakfast will eliminate the meal-time stress for your sleep-deprived self and satisfy even the pickiest of hungry campers.

  • Overnight Oats – The ultimate make-ahead breakfast! These overnight oats are so simple to make and require zero cook time at the campsite. So easy to make, even your kids can get in on the camping food prep and make their own tailored to their taste!
  • Breakfast Burritos – This one is easy as pie… err, burritos! Whip up your favorite burrito fillings (egg, sausage, onion, bell pepper, etc.) and roll 'em up! Wrap your breakfast burritos in foil ahead of time and toss them over the fire to heat when you're ready for a hot breakfast in the woods.
  • Make-Ahead Pancake Mix – Craving pancakes at camp? No problem! Skip expensive pre-made pancake mixes from the store and make your own. Check out this delicious pancake mix recipe—simply combine all ingredients and store in an airtight bottle in a cooler until you're ready to make.
  • Egg Sandwiches – A homemade Egg McMuffin without any cooking at the campsite? Yes, please! Use this delicious make-ahead breakfast sandwich recipe. Make them in bulk, pack some away for your camping trip, and freeze the rest for an easy breakfast when you get home. Win-win!

These deliciously easy campsite breakfast ideas will have you fueled up and ready for adventure!

Pro Tip: Don't forget the salt and pepper! It can really make a difference for a yummy campsite meal.

Lunch and Dinner Make-Ahead Camping Meals

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Make lunch and dinner at the campsite a breeze and don't waste a second of the fun on meal preparation! Try these make-ahead lunch and dinner ideas for a deliciously satisfying and easy meal.

  • Avocado Toast and Boiled Eggs – This one checks all the boxes for lunch or breakfast! Make hard-boiled eggs ahead of time for a quick and fresh breakfast. Spray a cast-iron skillet with cooking spray and toast your bread over the fire. Add some cream cheese, slice an avocado and boiled egg, and layer that baby up! Sprinkle on some Everything but the Bagel seasoning for some extra pizzaz.
  • Campfire-Cooked Tacos – Never miss a taco Tuesday, even at the campsite! This meal is adapted from our tried and true oven-baked taco recipe. Place your tacos in a foil pan, cover with foil and reheat over the fire. Voila—a tasty meal that will make you feel like a camping queen! Pack your toppings of choice in airtight containers and they'll be ready to toss on in a flash. Yummm.
  • Make-Ahead Foil Packs for Camping – The sky's the limit with these foil packs. Individually packaged for each person, these genius little hobo meals deserve an award for the easiest gourmet camping meals! Pinterest has some delicious ideas, so be sure to check that out.
  • Walking Tacos – This one is great for the family that doesn't want to stop the fun for a sit-down meal! Grab a bag of your favorite chips and toss in your meat and toppings for a meal that can go with you while you hike. Make everything ahead of time and just reheat the meat over the fire in a cast-iron skillet.
  • Pigs in a Blanket – Are you even camping if you don't eat hot dogs?? We don't think so… Fancy those bad boys up by wrapping them in crescent roll dough before roasting over the fire. Dip in ketchup, mustard, or whatever else floats your boat!

These make-ahead camping meals will make your life so much easier without sacrificing flavor or adventure!

More Camping Food Prep Tips You Need to Know

No matter what meals you plan for your camping trip, these helpful tips will make your life sooo much easier in the great outdoors!

  • Wash and chop all veggies and fruits beforehand. Such a simple task can become a major headache when you aren't in the comfort of your own kitchen!
  • Pack paper goods. Forget trying to wash dishes! Instead, pack a stack of paper plates, napkins, and plasticware. Not only do we want prep to be easier, but let's make clean-up a breeze too!
  • Pre-cook everything! Unless you are planning foil pack meals that you simply toss over the fire, don't bring anything you haven't already cooked. Reheating is SO MUCH easier than trying to make sure your food is cooked through over a campfire.
  • Pack some pantry staples. No matter how much you plan, things always seem to go awry. Pack some crackers and peanut butter juuuuust in case. Individual tuna packs are cheap and make great backups, too.
  • Pack lots of kid-friendly snacks. Have plenty of pre-made snack foods on hand so you aren't constantly trying to prepare something every time a little voice says “I'm hungry!” Ants on a log, sliced fruits, veggies, and chips all make easy grab-and-go snacks for little hands.

Whether you're camping in the wilderness or you're pitching a tent in your backyard, take advantage of these make-ahead camping meals and spend your time making memories instead. Of course, no camping trip is complete without s'mores… make them special with these tasty s'mores ideas and go get ready for adventure!

Let us know your favorite camping meals and food prep hacks in the comments below. We'd love to hear!

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Happy camping!