These simple food hacks will change the way you handle food in the kitchen forever. They will simplify your life in a BIG way and offer solutions to problems you didn't even know you had!

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Have you ever seen someone do something clever in the kitchen and thought to yourself, “Whoa! How have I never thought of that!?” Well, get ready to think just that because we are about to blow. your. mind. with these genius food hacks.

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These clever food hacks are about to make your life in the kitchen so much easier. Say goodbye to stale bread, bruised bananas and crying like a blubbering baby when you cut into onions. No more sloppy brownie cuts or cheese stuck to the cheese grater. There IS a better way!


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Never toss hard cookies or stale baked goods in the trash again. Save your money with these tricks!

  • Keep cookies soft by adding a piece of bread to the airtight container. You can thank us later when your cookies are still fresh days later… if they make it that long!
  • Use a plastic knife to cut warm brownies and you'll get clean lines without the crumbled mess.
  • Cut your cake or cheesecake like a pro by using a sharp knife, dipped in hot water, then dried off before cutting. Do this before each cut and you'll get perfect slices!
  • Toss a slice of bread into hardened brown sugar and it will soften it right up. It's magical!
  • Tired of your cake getting stale? Attach a piece of bread with a toothpick to the cut side of the cake. The bread will get stale and keep the cake as moist as ever!
  • Have a whole loaf of bread or baguette that's going stale? Quickly run the bottom of it under water, then put it directly into a 400°F oven for about 10 minutes. It'll be as crispy and fresh as the day it was made!

Prevent food waste and have perfectly cut slices EVERY SINGLE TIME!


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Chopping and peeling fruits and veggies can be suuuuch a drag sometimes. It can take up so much of your time in the kitchen and even bring you to tears. Well, not any more! Use these chopping and peeling hacks and make your life easier.

  • Wanna know the easy way to cut a tomato? Slice the end off, then stand it on its end. Slice in one direction, without cutting it all the way through. Rotate 90° and slice in that direction in the same manner. Then, lay it on it's side and slice all the way through. So easy!
  • Put an onion in the freezer for 30 minutes before chopping and you'll have NO MORE TEARS! Say buh-bye to the goggles.
  • Use a glass to easily peel mangoes.
  • Quickly hull a strawberry by putting a straw in the tip and pushing it through the other end to remove the stem.
  • Use your pizza cutter to cut herbs. It's SO easy!
  • Mincing lots of garlic? Add a pinch of salt so you don’t have the annoying problem of garlic sticking to your knife.
  • Peel a kiwi with a spoon! Cut the ends off with a knife, then stick the spoon inside against the peel and go around until it's completely peeled.
  • Drizzle a small amount of olive oil over garlic before mincing and say BUH-BYE to sticky garlic all over your fingers and knife.
  • Use an apple slicer to cut your potatoes into wedges for steak fries.
  • Pit and peel an avocado with just a knife. Slice the avocado into quarters lengthwise to break away from the pit. Then, use the knife to peel back the tip of each section and peel it off like a banana.
  • Use a bundt pan to cut the kernels off your corn cobs. Stand the cob on the middle part while cutting and the pan will catch the kernels for you.
  • Use an egg slicer to slice mushrooms and strawberries.
  • Use two plates to slice cherry tomatoes in one motion. Put them on a plate, cover with another plate, and take your knife between the two plates to cut them in half. Voila!

No more crying over chopped produce here!


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Dairy products like butter and cheese are used in SO MANY recipes! Here are some quick dairy food hacks to make working with these staples even easier.

  • Need to cut butter into your dough mixture, but don't have the right tool? Grate it! It'll cut it into small enough pieces you can stir in without having to do much work.
  • Need to soften a stick of butter but forgot to set it out? Dice the butter into small pieces and let it sit on the counter for about 20 minutes. The smaller the pieces, the quicker it'll come to room temperature.
  • Or, soften cold butter in just a few minutes by placing a warm glass upside down over it. Warm the glass by placing hot water in it and pouring it out. A whole stick won't fit, but it'll be spreadable in just a few minutes!
  • Before grating semisoft cheese, like mozzarella, stick it in the freezer for up to 30 minutes.
  • No buttermilk? Vinegar can transform regular milk into buttermilk (1 cup milk + 1 tbsp vinegar, let sit for 10 minutes).
  • Grate blocks of cheese using a food processor. If you don't have one, spray your handheld grater with a little bit of cooking spray and the cheese won't stick to it.

Get your dairy products just how your recipe calls for in no time at all with these easy hacks!


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Never waste perfectly good bananas or apples again due to browning and bruising. These food hacks will save those and more!

  • Soak sliced apples in lemon juice to prevent browning.
  • Separate bananas when you get home from the grocery store so your kids won't bruise them when trying to take them apart.
  • After separating bananas, rinse the ends off and dry so fruit flies won't hatch!
  • Sprinkle a few drops of lemon and cover tightly to keep your guacamole fresh and delish!
  • Get more juice from lemons and limes by microwaving for 7-10 seconds. Then roll back and forth on the counter with your hand before cutting. You'll get more juice with less effort when you do this!

Get the most from your money using these great tricks. And don't worry, we have even more tips on how to store fruits to make them last and how to store vegetables!


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Here are even more great food hacks to save you time, money, and effort!

  • If you have leftover sauces, broths, or anything that you just need a few tablespoons of at a time, freeze it in ice cube trays. Then transfer them to freezer bags and pull out a few at a time as you need them.
  • Honey has an indefinite shelf life! When it starts looking crystallized, place your container in a hot bowl of water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Use a stand mixer to easily shred cooked chicken breast!
  • Rub lemon on hard-boiled eggs before cooking and it'll keep them from cracking.
  • Prevent mixing bowls and cutting boards from slipping by putting a damp kitchen towel under them.
  • Tired of stirring the oil back into your natural peanut butter? Store the jar upside down. It'll make stirring the peanut butter much easier.
  • Keep appetizers cold by placing a resealable bag of ice in a bowl, covering it with lettuce, then placing the appetizer on top.
  • When pouring liquids into a baggie to freeze (gravy, soup, etc.), put the bag in a large glass measuring cup or bowl. Cuff the top of the bag by folding it over, helping it to stay open and contain any messes.
  • Not sure if your eggs are too old to use? Do the float test! Put them in a bowl of water see if they. If they do, it's time to throw them out.
  • Neutralize garlic or onion smells on your hands by rubbing them with lemon juice, baking soda, or stainless steel.

Pretty amazing right?!

Make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and stress-free with these incredibly clever food hacks. Woot woot! What is your favorite fun kitchen hack? Share with us in the comments below.

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Enjoy your time saved in the kitchen! 😉