It’s time for bonfires, fall camping, and football tailgates! What better treat is there to take along than an ooey, gooey s’more? Now, we know that graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallow = S’more, but it's time you went deliciously rogue with these clever ideas for mixing up your s'mores recipe! 

Easy s'mores recipe on a plate, from Shelf Cooking

Is there anything better than the first bite of a messy, yet UH-MAZING s’more? We don’t think so either. Now hold that thought and imagine taking this time-honored treat to a whole new level with some clever add-ins. Mmmmmm.

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We’ve put together some seriously mind-blowing suggestions for how you can really go pro with your s’mores game. You just may find yourself stealing them out of the hands of your kiddos. 


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Looking for some delicious and clever ways to amp up your s'mores game? Time to raid your secret stash of treats to see how you can make your s’mores extra special! You can really go nuts based on your personal preference here, but here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  • Peanut Butter Perfection – Use a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in place of the plain chocolate. Oh, mama, that’s amazing! 
  • Add Some Stripes – Grab a package of Keebler’s fudge striped cookies for the perfect shortbread, chocolate, marshmallow combo. 
  • Minty Goodness – Try a refreshing York Peppermint Patty with your roasted mallow. It’s like enjoying a Thin Mint s’more. Ooh, now there’s a bonus great idea!
  • Rice Krispy Treats – Replace the graham with Rice Krispy treats for a crispy, crunchy take.
  • Bacon – Yup. We went there. We have yet to find ANY recipe that can’t be improved using bacon – including s’mores. 
  • Banana Babies – Add a few banana slices to your traditional s’more for some fruity flavor. 
  • Caramel Cuties – Add a couple of Rolos or Caramello for a bit of gooey caramel. Better yet? Drizzle on a little of our AMAZING homemade caramel recipe.
  • Potato Chips – Have you ever tried a chocolate-covered potato chip? They’re pretty dang awesome. Add a salty potato chip to your traditional s’more. Mind blown. 

Any of these ideas are sure to get a round of applause around the firepit. You can even mix and match ideas to concoct your perfect s’more. Grab your favorite candy of choice or leftover Halloween candy and get roasting.


fancy s'mores recipe with strawberries on top from Shelf Cooking

Looking for some ways to give this treat an air of sophistication? Maybe you’re doing a cheap date night with friends and want to pack a snack that will impress. Honey, look no further! We’ve got you covered:

  • Fresh Berries – Take your s’more even farther by adding some fresh strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries along with chocolate sauce.
  • Dark Sophistication – Not a fan of milk chocolate? Use a bit of your favorite dark chocolate cacao bar for a fancy take.
  • Samoa S’Mores – Thank the Girl Scouts for creating this delicious cookie that'll add coconut and caramel to your treat. 
  • Almond Joy – Continuing with the coconut theme, add this popular candy for a tasty twist. 
  • Dutch Stroopwafel S'Mores – Try out this twist using the traditional Dutch stroopwafel wafers and caramel sauce for a dreamy dessert.

These decadent little delights will be the hit of your next gathering. And if you never look at a s’more the same again, that's okay. One thing for sure? We dare you to just eat one! 


We all know that an open bag of marshmallows doesn’t keep. So, when the fire has died and you’ve had your fill of s’mores, what can you do with the leftover ingredients? 

  • Graham Crackers – Use the graham crackers to build a “gingerbread” house with the kids. Or use up that extra frosting to make mini gram sammies!
  • Marshmallows – Make some homemade Rice Krispy Treats, or whip up some hot cocoa
  • Chocolate – This one should be easy, but if you really need an idea, you can chop up that chocolate bar and use the bits for chocolate chip cookies

Anything involving marshmallows and chocolate is never a bad decision, and it makes for a delicious experiment! We will gladly taste test it for you. 


Don’t let the weather outside stop you from making the perfect s’more if you’ve got a hankering for one. You can fix up this delicious treat year-round using a barbeque grill, the oven, your gas stove burner, or best yet — the microwave! Here are the details to heat a tasty microwave traditional s'more.

Easy s'mores recipe on a plate, from Shelf Cooking

Year-Round Microwave S’mores Recipe

Looking for a simple way to serve up some s’mores year-round? Try this delicious take in the microwave!
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 1 serving


  • 2 graham cracker squares
  • 1 large marshmallow
  • 2 squares milk chocolate


  • Place a marshmallow and chocolate on one graham cracker on a microwave-safe plate.
  • Microwave for 10-15 seconds until the marshmallow is gooey and melted.
  • Top your treat with the second graham cracker and scarf! 


Marshmallows freeze really well! Add them to a freezer bag and pull out however many you need an hour or so before you need them to thaw on the counter. S'mores anytime you want them!
Keyword bite-sized, easy recipe, treat

You may not want to let your littles in on this sneaky secret. They will surely be asking for these snacks non-stop, and you'll wear out your microwave cooking these up! 

We can’t wait for you to try out one (or all!) of these sticky-sweet desserts. Leave a comment below and tell us which one you will try out first! 

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Have fun!