Are you experiencing a cabbage conundrum? If you're wondering how to use up leftover coleslaw, we have some delicious ideas you won't want to miss!

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Ah, cabbage. The most humble of leafy vegetables! Inexpensive and incredibly versatile, this plant often doesn't get the respect it deserves. However, most people do appreciate it in its most common form: coleslaw.

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Whether you're using a convenient bagged coleslaw mix or you've whipped up our delicious homemade version, having extra slaw in your refrigerator is a great opportunity to repurpose it into some mouthwatering meals! We'll show you how!

Repurpose Leftovers Like A Pro

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If you've been a reader of Shelf Cooking for a while, you know we are alllll about using what's in the kitchen and never letting anything go to waste! Especially during the month of #Shelftember, we are getting creative about using up leftovers and loving it at the same time!

If you're new to learning how to repurpose your leftovers, we're glad you're here! It can take a little practice to get into the mindset of how to best use up what you have without it getting boring. Once you get the hang of it though, you'll love how much money you can save by reducing your food waste!

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What To Do With Your Leftover Coleslaw

Now that we know the benefits of using those leftovers instead of chucking them, let's talk about our yummiest ways to do that! Without further ado, here are our favorite ways to eat leftover coleslaw:

Top Your Tacos

Image of three tacos topped with leftover slaw on a gray marble countertop. - Shelf Cooking

Coleslaw is a delicious addition to your favorite taco recipe! The tangy, refreshing crunch takes your taco from tasting ho-hum to fiesta! We especially love it with our Baja-Style Fish Tacos, but you can also try it with chicken tacos, beef tacos, or these easy oven-baked tacos, too!

Slaw On Sandwiches

In some parts of the country, adding slaw to a bbq sandwich is an absolute must! And we agree! Like tacos, the creamy crunch that comes from tasty coleslaw just makes any sandwich that much better. Some of our favorite sandwiches to add leftover slaw to are:

But don't stop there! Feel free to top deli meats, tuna or chicken salad, or anything else your heart desires with leftover slaw for a fun flavor twist.

Add Slaw To A Rice Bowl

Image of a rice bowl topped with cooked ground meat and cabbage slaw. - Shelf Cooking

One of the easiest ways to use up leftover coleslaw (and many other veggies, too!) is to add it to a rice bowl. This easy Egg Roll In A Bowl is a perfect quick and easy meal that calls for coleslaw mix. You could also add slaw mix to any of these rice bowls, too! Yummy and so convenient!

Use It In Salads

Image of a garden salad with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. - Shelf Cooking

Since coleslaw is comprised of shredded cabbage and carrots, it's basically a salad in itself. However, sometimes repeatedly eating coleslaw on its own can get a little boring if you have a lot of it. That's why we love using it in other salads! It's so super easy to throw it in with other greens to make sure none of that good stuff goes to waste.

Complete A Pasta Dish

Image of a pasta dish with vegetables and cream sauce. - Shelf Cooking

Pasta dishes are amazing for combining ingredients that need to be used! Whether it's a cold pasta salad or a more traditional pasta meal, adding leftover coleslaw is a quick and easy way to add extra flavor and nutrients.

Are you a coleslaw fan? What's the most creative way you've used your leftovers? We'd love to hear how your #Shelftember is going, so don't forget to tag us on social media or leave a comment!

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Slaw you later!