Learn all the possibilities that overripe bananas hold and never waste good fruit again. We've got recipes, ripe banana hacks and so much more you don't want to miss!

Brown bananas got you down? Don't toss those suckers! We'll show you all the ways to use up those overripe bananas so not a single one goes to waste!

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Whether you're looking for a delicious way to eat them up or you're wanting other great banana hacks, we're sharing it all! Trust us, these will blow your mind. Let's get on with it already!


Everyone has their own banana meter, right? One person loves to eat them as soon as they turn yellow while others prefer them with brown speckles all over. Regardless of your personal preference, it's just silly to toss one out because it's past your favorite stage! Keep on reading for some of our favorite overripe banana recipes.

  • Banana Ice Cream – Slice, freeze, and toss in a blender. Add a teaspoon of peanut butter or throw in some cinnamon for some extra flavor!
  • Banana Bread – We have the best banana bread recipe you need to try!
  • Smoothies – Cut those overripe bananas and toss them into your smoothie for a boost of potassium and sweetness.
  • Flourless Banana Muffins – These blender muffins from Well Plated are super easy to make and so good.
  • Banana Pancakes – Two ingredient pancakes? Yes! All you need is eggs and bananas for these yummy pancakes from The Kitchn.
  • Chocolate Dipped – Grab that overripe banana and dip it melting chocolate for a delicious sweet treat!

Try one of these incredible recipes and you'll never toss out an overripe banana again!


Want more fun banana hacks? You came to the right place!

  • Egg Substitute – In baked goods, one overripe banana can replace each egg in the recipe for an easy swap!
  • Secret Messages – Take a toothpick and scratch a secret message into the peel of the banana. Don't puncture the banana, though! As it ripens, the message will show up brown!
  • Peel From the Bottom – It may just feel wrong, but it's a good way to avoid a mushy top!
  • Shoe Polish – Did you know you can polish a leather shoe with the inside of a banana peel? Try it!
  • Teeth Whitener – Bananas contain minerals that actually help to whiten your teeth. Rub the inside of the peel on your teeth and leave it there for two minutes before rinsing! Do this for three weeks to see results.

Incredible, huh? Who knew this cheap fruit could have so many clever uses?!


Maybe you have some underripe bananas you need to use quickly? Here are some tips for ripening them fast!

  • Microwave – Peel the banana and cook on high in the microwave for thirty seconds. After that it should be soft and ready for baking!
  • Paper Bag – Place your bananas in a brown sack and seal it up. Put a ripe apple in with it to speed up the process!
  • Sunlight – Put the bananas in a sunny window and they'll ripen faster!

Pro Tip: To make bananas last longer, keep the top of the bunch wrapped in plastic wrap and keep them away from other fruits!

Cheers to no more wasted bananas! Now that you know exactly what to do with those overripe bananas, what's the first thing on your list?! Tell us in the comments below!

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