Do you have leftover pork in the back corner of your fridge that you have no idea what to do with? Don't let that goodness go to waste! These leftover pork recipes are here to save the day and turn into a brand new dinner!

Pulled pork on a slider with arugula from Shelf Cooking.

No more throwing out that leftover pork! Regardless of what cut of pork you're working with, try one of these delicious leftover pork recipes and never throw your hard-earned cash in the trash again!

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These leftover pork recipes are so good, your family won't even know they are leftover… seriously! From carnitas, to pork roast, to BBQ pork and even pork chops, we've got leftover pork recipes that will work for them all!


Pork taquitos on a platter from Shelf 

Reimagine those leftover pork carnitas with these irresistible recipes!

YUM! Anyone else's mouth watering?


Nothing says comfort like a hot pork roast on a Sunday, right? But what to do with those leftovers?! Fret no more. Here are some of our best tips!

  • Pork Roast Stew – Grab your favorite veggie stew recipe and toss in shredded pork roast instead of stew meat. Use the veggies you have on hand!
  • Pork Fried Rice – Toss in some veggies, eggs, and soy sauce and you've got yourself a delicious dinner!
  • Pulled Pork Sliders – This is a great way to use up extra buns, too! Use the pork as-is and drizzle a little leftover gravy on top or douse that sucker in BBQ sauce! Add a little arugula for a nutrition boost.
  • Sloppy Joe – Try this mouth watering sloppy Joe recipe from The Spruce Eats, but sub the ground pork for leftover pork roast!
  • Pork Pot Pie – Our shepherd's pie recipe but with leftover pork roast instead of beef? Yes, please!
  • Pot of Beans – Who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned pot of beans? Talk about a cheap meal! Toss in some leftover pork roast next time for a depth of flavor you'll crave.

Don't let a bite of that delicious pork roast go to waste!


Bowl full of southern potato salad from Shelf Cooking.

You may think there's not much you can transform leftover BBQ pork into… Well, you're wrong! Whether you have BBQ pulled pork or leftover pork chops, here are some great options.

  • Potato Salad – Have you ever thought about adding leftover pork to our amazing southern potato salad recipe? Trust us, just do it.
  • BBQ Pork Sweet Potato Hash – This sweet potato hash recipe is SO good and can be transformed into a satisfying dinner with the addition of leftover BBQ pork. Yes, please!
  • Pork Grilled Cheese – Hellooo? Grilled cheeses are for grown ups, too! Throw in some BBQ pork and you'll be drooling in no time.
  • Mac and Cheese with Pork – Yep, it's that easy! Toss some pork into your mac and cheese for a yummolicious spin! The BBQ flavor pairs so well here.
  • BBQ Pork Pizza – It can even be used as a pizza topping! If you're team pineapple, toss some of those on, too. Try our easy crust recipe!
  • Loaded Baked Potatoes – Another super cheap meal; baked potatoes loaded with BBQ pork will satisfy every belly at the table.
  • Cafe Rio Bowl – Leftover BBQ pork is perfect for this Cafe Rio copycat bowl recipe! It is SO good.

See, we told you these were good. No matter what cut of pork or flavors you're cooking with, we've got a recipe to fit the bill! Take those leftovers to the next level, you shelf cooking babe!

What's your favorite go-to leftover pork recipe? Share it with us in the comments below!

Several recipes with leftover pork including pork sandwiches, potato salad, taquitos, and a pork bowl from Shelf Cooking.

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