Have a bag of shredded chicken in the freezer? A rotisserie chicken just sitting in the fridge? You're in luck! Find out how to use what you've got–these shredded chicken recipes are easy, yummy, and shelf cooking approved!

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If you take nothing else away from this post, pay attention to this little tip! Always keep some shredded chicken in the freezer. Trust us. It's a shelf cooking staple, and we're about to show you why!

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Whether you need breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack ideas, you're in luck! You'll never have to wonder what to make with shredded chicken again. There's something for everyone in this post, so here we go. Winner, winner, shredded chicken dinner!


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Bacon's not the only meat that belongs on the breakfast table. You can pig out on chicken, too! Try one of these breakfast recipes the next time you need to use up some shredded chicken:

  • Breakfast Tacos – Scramble up a few eggs, heat, or make some tortillas and get ready to assemble some tacos! Toss in your shredded chicken, and add the toppings of your choice. (We suggest cheese and salsa.) Breakfast is served. And it's looking mighty delicious if we do say so ourselves.
  • Chicken & Veggie Omelet – Round up those veggies that are close to going bad and toss them in a skillet to create an omelet with the cheese of your choice and a bit of shredded chicken. Super filling, SO easy, and delish!
  • Quiche – Here's another way to serve up some eggs! Make a chicken quiche. We like to add mushrooms, spinach, and Swiss to ours. And we cut corners by tossing it all in a frozen pie shell. Use what you've got!
  • Chicken Hash – Grab the potatoes of your choice–frozen hash browns or fresh–both are good! Fry them up in a skillet, then add in your chicken and top with a fried egg or two. YUM! It's like a fancy brunch but for a fraction of the cost. And you can wear your PJs.
  • Breakfast Skillet – We love a good stir fry or skillet because there are no rules. Clean out your fridge and pantry and cook up a tasty breakfast with shredded chicken as the star of the show. Make it low carb, no-carb, or toss in some buttermilk biscuits. Your choice!

Suddenly we're feeling breakfast for dinner tonight! Don't those all sound good?! Now, moving on to a few lunch ideas.


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Tired of the same old, same old? These recipes will help you use up your shredded chicken AND get out of your lunch rut:

  • Chicken Salad – Make it sweet or savory! You can add halved grapes to the mix or chopped celery if you need to use it up. Pop your chicken salad on a croissant or wrap for a yummy lunch on the go.
  • Panini – Whip up a grownup version of the classic grilled cheese! Add some brie and a little jam, toss in your chicken, and then grill on your panini press. SO, SO good!
  • Chicken Noodle Soup – Ready for another classic comfort food? There's nothing better than a big bowl of chicken noodle soup, and if you have shredded chicken on hand, it's easy peasy to whip some up in no time! Boil a handful of noodles, throw in some veggies and chicken broth, and then add your chicken. Voila! Season and serve.
  • Pulled Chicken Sandwich – Try this slow cooker pulled pork sandwich recipe, but sub in chicken for the pork. It practically cooks itself, and you'll have lunches for days!
  • Stuffed Baked Potato – Toss a baked potato into your mini-crockpot for a warm workday lunch. When it's ready, top it with your chicken, a little cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Throw in a few veggies for good measure if you have them! We suggest broccoli.

See? Lunches don't have to be boring! Now, who's ready for dinnertime?!


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You know why we always keep some shredded chicken in the freezer? Because we like to spend as little time as possible prepping dinner. Just keeping it real, you guys! So, if you want to borrow from our playbook, here are a few recipes we love:

  • Chicken Alfredo – You have to try this incredible 5-minute Alfredo sauce! It's so much better than the store-bought version. Just boil some noodles and heat your chicken, and you're done!
  • Enchiladas – You guys know how much we love a good fiesta, right? Making enchiladas at home is so simple when you already have some chicken on hand! Isabel Eats has a 20-minute enchilada recipe we love.
  • Chicken Philly Subs – Toast a hoagie roll, heat up your chicken, sauté a few mushrooms, onions, and peppers, and assemble the ultimate Chicken Philly. Cheese is optional but highly recommended! Better yet, add some of this slow cooker queso.
  • Burrito Bowls – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Make your own takeout burrito bowl at home. We've got a whole post dedicated to rice bowls if you need some guidance!
  • Chicken Casserole – We love us some casseroles! A hearty meal all in one pan? Um, yes, please! We've got 20 baked chicken recipes to try, so take your pick.

Looking for a side dish? Fresh fruit, a nice tossed salad, or some steamed veggies work great with any of these meals! If you decide to make the enchiladas, try our homemade Mexican rice. It tastes just like the kind you buy at the restaurant!


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Ok–dinner is long gone, but you find yourself looking for something to much on while you binge watch that new series. Need a late-night snack? Look no further! All of these have one thing in common: they're totally drool-worthy! Here are five must-try shredded chicken snacks:

  • Mini Chicken Quesadillas – You know the drill, right? Toss some chicken and cheese in a few tortillas, grill them up, then slice and serve with your favorite toppings. Save yourself the hassle of waiting in that drive-through line late at night!
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip – Ready to hit the easy button and make a highly addictive snack? Melt a block of cream cheese, mix in some shredded chicken, eight ounces of shredded cheese, and your favorite hot sauce, and you've got buffalo chicken dip! Grab veggies or crackers and get to dipping!
  • Nachos – You guys know how much we love nachos, right? If we were in charge, they'd get their own level on the food pyramid. Top some of your favorite tortilla chips with cheese, shredded chicken, and guacamole. SO good!
  • Chicken Club Rollups – Take a few wraps and stuff them with chicken, bacon, lettuce, and mayo. Slice into bite-size portions for the perfect afternoon snack!
  • Bagel Bites – Oh yeah. We're bringing back the 90s snack everyone loves, but with a twist! Top your mini bagels with barbecue sauce and shredded chicken, and don't forget the cheese! Pop them in the oven at 350°F for around 10 minutes and enjoy.

Don't those all sound tempting? Make them all and throw a little party! These make great Super Bowl snacks.


The next time you're wondering what to make with your leftover shredded chicken, we hope you'll try one of these dishes! Go ahead and bookmark the page, so you don't forget.

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