These kitchen organization hacks will save you time, money, and headaches as you get your kitchen in tip-top shape! We've got a few clever tips and tricks tucked up our sleeves that will make life easier!

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Never get flustered by an unorganized mess of a kitchen again. If you totally relate to that… don't worry. It happens to us ALL! Normally, we work really hard to implement a system and stick to it, but sometimes we all need a helping hand (did you see our cabin kitchen overhaul?). Take back your kitchen with these insanely easy and cheap kitchen organization hacks.

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With just a little effort and a few cheap tricks, your kitchen will be a wonderland of organization. Not only will you save time looking for things, you'll save money because you'll never have to replace that misplaced spatula again!


Get your space in order and keep it that way with these kitchen organization hacks that will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable!


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Unlike that handy little potato spiralizer that's been in the back of your cupboard for 18 months, cutting boards are used in the kitchen on a daily basis. Attach a wire basket to the inside of a cabinet door and store them there. Put the basket in a convenient location you can reach for easily—they've earned the prime spot!


Hooks are SO USEFUL, especially in a small kitchen with limited storage space. Use cheap hooks to hang potholders, measuring spoons, and any other utensils on the inside of the cabinet doors. This makes use of dead space, otherwise wasted! Don't be afraid to hang them up under your cabinets, either. Put whatever space you have to good use if you don't have enough cabinet or drawer space!


No, you don't need magazines in your kitchen! These magazine files are so cheap at the dollar store and make perfect paper goods storage. Place it in a cabinet to make use of vertical space instead of just stacking everything in an unorganized manner. All those loose plates and napkins will stay nice and contained.


Do you struggle with not having enough counter space for cooking? A noodle board will solve all your counter space woes! It's a wooden board that sits on top of your stovetop (when it's NOT in use, of course) and creates extra work space. Genius!


Wait, what… curtain rods?? Yes, you read that right! Set tension rods up vertically in a cabinet to create slots for large items. We're talking serving platters, cookie sheets, jelly roll pans, large cutting boards and anything else that you need to stand up in a kitchen cabinet.


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A junky drawer is suuuuch a waste of valuable real estate! Organize your kitchen drawers to make the most of the space. Use a designated drawer organizer (there are tons), or get some small baskets from the dollar store.


Did you know you can use wall space for more that just decorations? Make it useable storage space by hanging horizontal rods with hooks for baskets. Store anything there from fresh fruit to kitchen towels.


Anyone else have a bazillion kid water bottles floating around the kitchen at any given point in time? Finally give them a home of their own with a wine rack as storage! They stack neatly and vertically and are ready to pull out whenever you need.


Stop tossing things willy nilly into the fridge and freezer. This creates piles of food containers needing to be shuffled around just to find what you need. There IS a better way! Just like baskets and bins can turn a junk drawer into an organized haven, they can work the same magic in your fridge!

Find clear plastic storage bins that are easy to wipe down in the event of a spill. These will allow you to keep loose items contained and section out your fridge. You'll be amazed!


Never be left guessing how much half a tablespoon is again! Print off a kitchen conversion chart and stick it to the inside door of a cabinet so you can find it in a snap.


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Here are a few bonus kitchen hacks… just because we love you! 😉

  • If you burn something in a pan while cooking, no worries! sprinkle 1/4 – 1/2 cup baking soda in your pan and fill halfway with water. Bring the water to a boil and the burned pieces should start lifting. Use a spatula to help the process along. Then wash your pan as normal!
  • Use salt to scrub stubborn residue off cast iron pans when soap isn't an option.
  • Use canning tongs to remove hot ramekins from the oven or a hot water bath.

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We know, we know… Organizing your kitchen sounds like a LOT of work. Trust us when we say it's so worth it! It will make life in the kitchen easier and probably even save you money in the long run. What is your favorite kitchen organization hack? Share with us in the comments below!

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