This four-volume collection is unlike any other cookbook series out there! Learn all about this unique meal plan-style book set from Jordan Page!

The newest installment in the Shelf Cooking cookbook collection is here! With FOUR volumes! “A Season Of Family Meal Plans” in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall is now available from The Page Company.


This cookbook collection is unlike anything else you have on your kitchen shelves!

It is made up of recipes, but designed and organized by week with full weekly meal plans that your family will love!

We’re revolutionizing meal planning and what it can do for you! It’s time to eliminate mealtime overwhelm and get delicious homemade meals on your table every night. You’re going to save SO much time, cut your grocery bill in HALF, and most importantly, start ENJOYING mealtime with your family. Are you ready?? Let’s do this!

These seasonal volumes are so much more than cookbooks. Rather than organizing them by meal category, these are laid out by WEEK with: 

  • Delicious recipes for 5 dinners, 5 sides, & 2 desserts
  • Prep plan with daily meal prep checklists, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you WANT to do.
  • Our tips & tricks for simplified prep & cooking 
  • “Table Talk” prompts for mealtime fun

We’ve taken care of it for you, for an ENTIRE YEAR! 


We aren't just giving you a bunch of recipes and saying good luck – that's what Pinterest is for! We know that what you're really needing is structure. Let US do the brain work of organizing meals to use up your ingredients and reduce waste, mapping out grocery lists, figuring out how to prep ahead, and collecting delicious recipes your whole family will love (with options for substitutions, so you have the option to use what you have before spending money on what you don't need)!

The BEST part? We carefully write these meal plans with thoughtful consideration of the ingredients and groceries involved so that you are shopping ONCE at the grocery store each week and use all of your ingredients and leftovers to waste less!

Pluuuuuus…These cookbook volumes were carefully and lovingly designed to showcase in your kitchen. When lined up next to each other, their spines create a beautiful gradient color scheme that can be displayed as decor on your counter or shelves!


  • Scrambling to put dinner together last minute.
  • Overspending on groceries each week.
  • Burning out over meal prep and clean-up.
  • Letting leftovers go to waste.
  • Struggling to decide what’s for dinner each day.
  • Wasting money on take-out or prepackaged meals.


  • Looking forward to family mealtime.
  • Saving money on your grocery bill by making the most of what you have.
  • Making the most of your leftovers.
  • Feeling confident in the kitchen.
  • Enjoying delicious homemade meals.
  • Staying on top of meal prep.
  • Learning to cook with what you have.
  • Feeling calm and prepared when dinner time rolls around.
  • Making more time for family.


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Have any more questions about this new 4-volume collection of A Season of Family Meal Plans? Leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

We can't wait for you to see how gorgeous these cookbooks are in person! And to feel the mental load and stress of mealtime melt away!